Julie A.  Cohen
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    Office:   516 724-0374
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    27 Sterling Lane,
    Sands Point, NY, 11050, United States of America

Julie A. Cohen

Second Wind Productions, Inc.

Julie Cohen was born in New York City. Her production company, "Second Wind Productions, Inc." optioned, "All Things Cease to Appear," a novel by Elizabeth Brundage, for Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini to write and direct as her company's debut. She is credited with 7 television movies and limited series, including Peter Benchley's "The Beast," and Peter Maas's "In A Child's Name." She has several projects in development, including, Joyce Maynard's new novel "Count The Ways."
Professional Credits
Exec Prod: On the Edge of Innocence (NBC). Co-Exec Prod: Peter Benchley's The Beast (NBC). Co-Prod: In the Best of Families(CBS). Co-Producer: Honor Thy Mother. (CBS) Associate Prod: Lady Killer (USA) Assoc Prod: In a Child's Name (CBS).