Yixin Cen
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    114 Troutman Street, Apt 420,
    Brooklyn, New York, NY, 11206, United States of America
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    Office:   347 685-3617
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Yixin Cen

Yixin Cen is a producer/director base in New York, excelling in roles from production assistant to associate producer, known for her work on international co-productions and advocacy for diversity in cinema.

Full Bio
Yixin Cen's ascent in the New York City film scene is a testament to her resilience and expertise. Beginning as a production assistant, she rapidly advanced to pivotal roles like location manager and line producer, demonstrating a profound grasp of filmmaking's logistical intricacies. Yixin stands out in the realm of international co-productions, adeptly managing collaborations between Asian American and international talents, thereby contributing significantly to cultural representation in cinema. An active member of the NYC Asian American film community, she advocates for diversity and representation through her work. Currently involved as an associate producer in the celebrated "Untitled Ping Chong Documentary," Yixin's multifaceted skill set, encompassing fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, enables her to navigate and unite diverse cultural narratives, further solidifying her influence in contemporary filmmaking.