Cameron Kit

Cameron Kit

Chief of Hiring, Training and Support (Former CEO)
Whiteboard Geeks

Cameron Kit is a feminist sci-fi filmmaker with a focus on uplifting women and queer folks.

Full Bio
Cameron is a feminist sci fi filmmaker and video artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She has directed 5 films. Cameron is the host of the podcast and radio program "The Came From Outer Space", a sci fi movie review show airing on WRIR 97.3 since Dec 2018. She founded the documentary storytelling company YOYOS in 2023. She was the CEO of Whiteboard Geeks, an animation studio based in Richmond, VA for 10 years. She received her BFA in Sculpture & Extended Media with a minor in Kinetic Imaging (video and sound design) from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012.

Professional Credits
CEO and Founder of YOYOS - a documentary storytelling company. Director of 6 fiction short films including "Chlorine" and "Song is a Spell".
Producer and Co-Director, "African Woman's Voice" documentary
AC- Assistant Cinematographer- “i take back what I said” music video for min.a. director: Caroline Xia. DP: Eileen Yoon. August 18, 2021.

AD- Assistant Director- “indigenous pairings : food and beverage proof of concept.” Director: Candice Delevante. 07.08.21

AC - Assistant Cinematographer: “Tokyo in NYC”. Director: Gabrielle Barlatier. DP: Andrew Towe. Writer/Producer: Nathalie Kane. Short, shot on Canon C300. Shot Oct-November 2020.

Director of Photography: “Conscious Co-Creative”. Director: Caroline Xia. Producer: Gabrielle Barlatier. A7sii. September, 2020.

Director of Photography: “Before the Rain”, narrative short film (30 min). Written and Directed by Katelyn Sordo and Emma Lindsay. August 17-21, 2020. Digital. Shot on Black Magic and Sony a7sii.

Production Assistant: Love and Hip Hop
Industry Awards
“Negative Space” - 48 Hour Horror Project. Selected as Runner Up Best of Richmond. Recipient of 4 total awards. (October 2018)