Daisy Friedman
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Daisy Friedman

Daisy Friedman is a New-York based filmmaker that aims to explore the connection between physical difference and the human experience.

Full Bio
Daisy is a sophomore at Barnard College, majoring in Film Studies. As a medically-complex filmmaker, playwright, actor, and poet, Daisy uses her artistry to explore the complex relationship between embodiment, disfigurement, and desirability of sick and disabled communities. Daisy is working as a Social Media and Marketing Intern at the Arts Business Collective in New York City. She is also currently a Development Intern at It Doesn't Suck Productions. Through her arts and advocacy, Daisy wants to create work that not only offers diverse representations of different communities but helps people imagine transgressive possibilities for the formulation of their identity.

Industry Awards
Semi-Finalist at the Student Los Angeles Film Awards (2020)

Semi-Finalist at the Omaha Film Festival (2020)