Marishka Shanice Phillips

Marishka Shanice Phillips

Owner/Creative Director
Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory, LLC

Full Bio
Marishka has been in the performing arts since the age of 8 and professionally since the age of 13. At 13, she did a European Tour of Raisin. Which led to her developing her skills at Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center and Fordham University. By 19 she landed on Broadway in the musical Uptown: It's Hot starring Maurice Hines. Marishka has also appeared in The Me Nobody Knows, FAME: the musical, and Bubblin' Brown Sugar to name a few. She worked on the last two seasons of A Different World, where Debbie Allen inspired her to study directing at Los Angeles Community College. Marishka spent 5 years traveling around Europe in various musicals. In 2002, she returned to New York to study acting with her mentor Susan Batson until 2011. She began her teaching career there in 2006 which lead to her directing career.

Her directing started out in theater and has evolved into film and television.

Her film MELINDA is currently finding success in many film festivals.

Professional Credits

Love Always, Eartha


The Birthday

What Happened To Girls Night


Love Letter
Industry Awards
Remi Award

Women's World Award