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Breton Tyner-Bryan is a director, choreographer, actor, and costume designer in New York City and Los Angeles, winning at World London FF, Barcelona IFF, Madrid IFF, La Jolla IFF, World Independent Cinema France, New York Shorts IFF, ASVOFF Paris, ARFF Berlin, and Big Apple FF.

Full Bio
Breton Tyner-Bryan is an American born director, choreographer and actor with Canadian roots, based in New York City. A classically trained ballet dancer and award-winning filmmaker, she grew up in the theater in Hartford, CT, with films winning and screening by invitation at Barcelona IFF, Madrid IFF, World Independent Cinema Nice, France, World London Film Festival, La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, New York Shorts International Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, CANIFFF, ASVOFF, Flickfair, Jellyfest, and International LGBTQ Shorts. She is known for Billions (Showtime), Divorce (HBO), Shackled, working alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Shannon, The Knick alongside Clive Owen, choreographing for BD Wong and Donny Most of Happy Days, Studio City (VICE), Manhattan Love Story (ABC), Shackled (in production), TEST, and Stories from the Microchasm with John Sanborn. She often plays detectives and tough seductive characters collaborating regularly with cinematographer Michael J. Burke. Her

Professional Credits
Upcoming film releases include SHACKLED, TIMELESS LOVE, RESILIENT, INVCITA, and WEST OF FRANK. They are known for Billions (Showtime), Divorce (HBO), Studio City (VICE), Manhattan Love Story (ABC), Null Hypothesis (AMAZON), TEST, and Stories from the Microcosm with John Sanborn. Directing credits include Merryn John s Love Is A Blue Jay , Village Playwrights, All About Love New Victory Theater, New York Fashion Week, Madonna-Washington Square Park, Sonas Denim, choreographic works include Divorce (HBO), Saturday Night Fever Engeman Theater, Heading East BD Wong, Donny Most of Happy Days, Dora Dreams of Fire Prospect Theater, Vinegar Tom , Retrofactoy Theater C, Peter Pan Dreamland Stages, Cotton Candy and Cocaine New York Theater Barn, commissions for Jacob s Pillow, Victory Dance, NYU, Marymount, and AMDA. They are a CUNY awardee, Dance Lab NY connect choreographer, and Labworks Artist in Residence at The New Victory Theater 42nd Street. They are the executive producer of Breton Follies Product
Industry Awards
My films have won at the World London FF, Barcelona IFF, Madrid IFF, CANIFF, La Jolla IFFF, World Independent Cinema Nice, France, Hollywood Women's Film Festival, New York Shorts IFF, Flick Fair Festival, Jelly Fest, ASVOFF Paris, ARFF Berlin, Big Apple FF, and International LGBTQ Shorts, including Best Fashion Dance, Best Music Video, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best LGBTQ production, Best Art Direction, and Best Ensemble Cast.
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Other Professional Groups
Lab Works Alumni Group at the New Victory Theater 42nd Street
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Narrative Features, Episodic Drama, Music Video
Actor, Choreographer, Director
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Post-Production, Production Company, TV Network
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