Patti McConnell
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Patti McConnell

Co-founder & Managing Partner
something different

Co-founder/managing partner of Something Different Advertising Agency

Full Bio
I am co-founder and managing partner of Something Different, a full-service advertising agency based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve spent more than two decades in the marketing, advertising, and film industries having managed and produced content for some of the most celebrated ad agencies, renowned brands, and global businesses.

@SD, we've built an innovative studio-like model that is more collaborative, creative, flexible, and supportive for both brands and talent. And one that adapts to the structural and fiscal needs of our evolving industry.

I’m a trusted partner who is hell-bent on finding the solve for any challenge and someone who tells it like it is, even when it's not so pretty. Someone with a dark wit and a passion for bringing ideas to life that engage and inspire audiences.

My work has been honored at the Emmys, AICP, ANDYs, Cannes Film Festival, Clios, Effies, New York Festival, and the One Show.

Industry Awards
Work honored/awarded at the One Show, Cannes, New York Festival, the Clios, Effies, Andys, Sundance Film Festival as well as, an Emmy.