Shanna Riker
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    1814 76th Street 2F,
    Brooklyn, NY, 11214, United States of America
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    Office:   901 212-1610
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Shanna Riker

Director, Writer, Producer
Sit A Spell Productions

Full Bio
Shanna Riker is an NYC based female Director/ Writer/ Producer. She has bachelor s degrees in both Psychology and Theatre from Blue Mountain College. Shanna wrote, directed and produced the film Dinner s at Four for the Austin Arthouse quarantine 48 hour contest. She directed Mouth-Breathers for the 2019 NY48HFP, and wrote and directed Drapeaux Rouges as part of the 2019 MusicBed challenge. Shanna was the Associate Producer for Daughters of Solanas, starring Alexis Floyd directed by Angele Cooper produced as part of the Women s Weekend Film Challenge, which was nominated for Best Comedy at the Uptown Women s Festival. Shanna also has one independently published novel and play of the same name, Barbecue, Fried Chicken and Where s the Will . The first major short film Shanna directed and produced, The Leap , is currently at the start of its festival journey. Shanna is a proud client of the Stein Agency, Los Angeles.