Joanna Rudolph (c)

Joanna Rudolph (c)

Film Producer
iCatcher Films, LLC

Full Bio
Experienced Film Producer who collaborates with award-winning writer/directors to bring their screenplays from script to screen. Individual who excels in budgeting, coordinating logistics, negotiating with vendors and solving problems.

Professional Credits

BURNING ANNIE, 95 min, 2007, directed by Van Flescher. Premiered at Hamptons Film Festival, acquired for DVD distribution in 2007, digital re-release via Sundance's Creative Distribution Initiative in 2017


THE ASCENT, 12 min, 2013, written and directed by Ben Garchar. Premiered at New Films/New Filmmakers Series at the Anthology Archives.

SUMMER WITH MRS. VON MAUSCH, 13 min, 2011, written and directed by David Pomes. Premiered at LA International Shorts Festival.

SOMETHING SEXY PERHAPS, 7 min, 2009, directed by Award-Winning NYU MFA graduate I-fan Quirk

YIN/YANG, 10 min, 2006, Official Selection at Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, written and directed by BURNING ANNIE'S Zack Ordynans
Writer's Group works
Screenplay (Comedy, Teen, Coming of age, Drama)
Log Line:
After breaking out of her summer camp, a “challenging” fifteen year old from the city is forced to spend the summer with her square cousin and his girlfriend in the country, forcing her to pump the brakes on growing up fast for the first time in her life.