Kathy Richter

Kathy Richter

Kathy Richter is a direct, no nonsense type actor who worked as a TV news reporter for 15 years before becoming an actor.

Full Bio
My direct, no nonsense type is easy to spot by the way I'm cast... in episodic television programs, in films, on stage, and on voiceover projects. Take Flo in Picnic, for example, the character I played at Atlantic Stage 2 for a directors workshop production. She's a demanding mom who does what she can to keep her daughters in line. I've also been cast as M Lynn in Steel Magnolias. No doubt about casting my type in that one. Other roles include Mrs. Van Daan in The Diary of Anne Frank, Pooty in Reckless, and the dual roles of Phyllis and Leslie in Sylvia. One of my most exciting film projects, It's a Wondrous Life, is now on the film festival circuit. In the film I play a hard nosed social worker on the hunt for her murdering, sociopathic client. I work on various types of voiceover projects including commercials, corporate and educational productions, and character work. I'm an actor who shows up early, responds promptly, puts in the work, and conducts herself with respect and gratitude.

Prior to my caree

Professional Credits

Mansions & Murders, The Perfect Murder, Momsters, Deadly Affairs: Investigation Discover


Life on Pause, It s a Wondrous Life, Lily, Salvation Cinema: New York


Picnic, Memory of a Smile, The Diary of Anne Frank Reckless: New York

Steel Magnolias, Sylvia: Florida


The PIT: New York

American Stage: St. Petersburg, Florida


News Reporter for 15 years: Florida, Michigan, Illinois

Actors Life: Web Series: New York