Eileen McQueen

Eileen McQueen

Independent Filmmaker/Writer/Director/Editor

Full Bio
My creative beginnings as a visual artist, musician, and writer eventually led me to filmmaking where I felt all things coalesce. I began exploring the craft with short projects, discovering my tools for expression and creative dialog. My work included a variety of short films, music videos and many, many scripts.

I find myself interested in telling stories about personal evolutions, small and large, and the relationships that give them meaning. I like to move in and out of genres, sometimes playing with heightened elements of reality or fantastic scenarios, not afraid of special effects if it can bring something visually moving to a story. But at the core I'm tuned in to the human experience.

My current projects include a series pilot for Savoir Faire and feature film Tomorrow Never Knows. (pitch decks available for each)

Industry Awards
Best Short Drama - London Smalls Film Festival

Best Williamsburg Short - Williamsburg Film Festival

B&H Cannon MasterClass Selection

Belin Arts Grant - Filmmaking