Susan Marie Schweitzer

Susan Marie Schweitzer

Full Bio
Susan Marie Schweitzer is a producer and writer with over 10 years of experience. Notable credits:

Co Producer, Our Father

Starring Michael Gross (Family Ties, Termors) Eileen Gruba (Game of Silence, Hung) and Michael Worth.

Associate Producer, Fear, Love and Agoraphobia

Starring Lori Petty (Orange Is the New Black, Point Break, Free Willy).

Susan has won multiple contest awards for her own screenwriter, including her short film, WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN, which tells the story of her real life experience caring for her mother with dementia.

Combined with her personality and previous life as a nurse and educator, Susan develops films that offer a unique insight into the human condition.

She is currently producing her full length dramedy, LIVING WILL, and coproducing her screenplay, KANN.

Notable Projects

Co Producer

Our Father (Short)

Stars: Michael Gross, Eileen Gruba, Michael Worth

Associate Produce

Professional Credits
Co Producer

Our Father (Short)

Stars: Michael Gross

Eileen Gruba

Michael Worth

Associate Producer

Fear, Love & and Agoraphobia (Post Production)

Stars: Lori Petty

Linda Burzynski

Frank Gerrish


Personal Space (Short)

Co Writer/Producer

Kann (In Development)