Rachel Fedde
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    Office:   917 686-4009
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    400 Lincoln Place, apt 4E,
    Brooklyn, NY, 11238, United States of America
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Rachel Fedde

Video Editor
Professional Credits
Ed: Frontline: Growing Up Online (PBS, 01/08), American Experience: The Lobotomist (PBS, 01/08), Frontline: A Hidden Life (PBS, 12/06), Combat Diary (A&E, 5/06), Biography: Sean Penn (A&E, 10/05), Antietam (History, 6/05-12/05), MovieReal (A&E series, 11/04-11/05), Power of Integrity (APT, 5/04), Brain Fingerprinting (PBS, 1/04-4/04), Pure Magic (APT, 12/03), Fat Like Me (ABC, 10/03-11/03), The Way Home (Hallmark Channel, 09/03).
Industry Awards
Combat Diary: Emmy nomination for Special Merit in Non-Fiction Filmmaking