Jada Dantzler

Production Coordinator

Jada Dantzler is a true Brooklynite and works as a Production Coordinator at BRIC TV. Her love for film and television along with her curiosity to know how things work has led her to always seek to learn something new in each part of the production process.

Full Bio
Jada Dantzler is a life-long Brooklyn native, business owner, media lover and the Production Coordinator for BRIC TV. She's worked in production, producing, directing and contributing to live and recorded programming and served as a writer and consultant for online websites.She primarily focuses her efforts in pre-production and linear programming and endeavours to expand her reach in the media space by becoming a member of NYWIFT. Jada currently utilizes the talents from her media career to run her real-estate business.

Real-Estate Company 2018-Present
(Property Management)

Production Coordinator, BRIC TV 2015-Present
(Programming Traffic, Contracts)

Freelance Editor 2015-2017

Production Assistant, BRIC TV 2014-2015

Website Writer 2014
(StudioHeads Website, Zumic Website)

Professional Credits
Programing, Producer, Director, Computer Graphics Operator, Writer
NYWIFT Committees
Actors Alliance, Archive, Communications, Development, Programming, Writers Group
Content Types
Commercial Production, Documentary, Web series
Production Manager, Writer
Business Types
Financial Services, Post-Production, TV Network
Countries Worked In
United States
Foreign Languages Spoken
Other Languages Spoken
Only Speaks English