Gillien Goll


Gillien Goll is an actor, writer, acting teacher & coach, public speaking coach, who works in theatre, film, and televsion

Full Bio - acting resume

Screenwriter of The Spilling

Acting teacher at AMDA

Story Editor for Linda Yellen

Public Speaking Consultant

Artistic Director, The Centaur Stage

Associate Producer, Vigilantes

Professional Credits
Sex & the City, The Sopranos, Chappele's Show, SNL, The Onion, All My Children, 100 Centre Street, 3 Short films appearing inover 80 Film festivals in 8 countries (wrote one of them as well as acted in it) teaching film acting at AMDA for 17 yearsartisitc director The Centaur Stage etc
Industry Awards
Best Ensemble Award, Great Expectations Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival Best Comedy Actress Nomination, Great Expectations Brightside Tavern Film Festival Best Ensemble Award, Vigilantes, Festigious International Film Festival appeared in 0ver 85 film festivals