Kate Walker

Kate Walker

Environmental and science producer/director/writer/editor (I wear all the hats!) I bring a strong visual sense to my work and have 20 years of experience in both long and short form. Projects I have associate-produced have won the Peabody Award and been nominated for Emmy and PGA Awards.

Full Bio
In 2012, after nearly a decade working on critically-acclaimed long-form documentaries, I decided to refocus on my original area of interest: science and environmental journalism. Fifteen years had passed since I had gotten my bachelor's in biology. Climate change was finally seeping into the general consciousness, and I wanted to tell important science stories that would make a positive impact on people's lives. Today I create engaging and scientifically accurate video content that is seen by people of all ages, world wide, for one of the world's most respected science museums.

Not insignificantly, I continue to endeavor to direct my first documentary, on legendary Bronx farming activist Karen Washington, who the NY Times calls the "queen bee" of urban agriculture. I began work on this project in 2015. I recently received $23,000 in finishing funds from the NYC Women's Film Fund. I have raised over $50,000 for the film, as well as gathered significant in-kind donations.

Professional Credits
Short form:
American Museum of Natural History (numerous projects)
NBC Learn (numerous projects)
Natural Resources Defense Council (numerous projects)

Producer for Viceland: Hate Thy Neighbor

Associate Producer for Discovery ID: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Producer for History: Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

Writer and Associate Producer for MSNBC: Why Planes Crash; Caught on Camera

Associate Producer for HBO: Earth Made of Glass

Producer and AP for History: Evolve (11-part series)

Associate Producer for PBS American Experience: The Lobotomist; Boy in the Bubble; Kinsey
Industry Awards
2022: Finishing Funds from NYC Women's Film Fund for my independent doc "Rise Root Revolution"

2009: Peabody Award recipient, "Earth Made of Glass"; PGA Award nominee

2008: Emmy nominee, "Boy in the Bubble"