Belén Orsini
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Belén Orsini

Walking On The Wall Corp.

I am a Venezuelan filmmaker interested in develop and produce narrative and documentary films.

Full Bio
In my Executive Production work stand out, _x001C_LITTLE STORIES_x001D_ (_x001C_HISTORIAS PEQUE—AS_x001D_ - 2019), directed by Rafael Marziano, currently running the tour of festivals. _x001C_I, MY EX AND HER KIDNAPPERS_x001D_ (_x001C_YO, MI EX Y SU SECUETRADORES_x001D_ - 2017), directed by Javiera Fombona, a film that will be released in movie theaters by the end of 2019, also in its tour of festivals. I also participated as a Unit Production Manager in _x001C_POINT BREAK_x001D_ (2015), directed by Ericson Core. Other productions in which I collaborated in the production teams: _x001C_AQUARELLA_x001D_ (2019), by director Victor Kosakovski, distributed by Sony Pictures and recognized in important festivals around the world. _x001C_LIBERTADOR_x001D_ (2014), directed by Alberto Arvelo, pre-selected to opt for the Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Film. In the multi-awarded _x001C_REVER”N_x001D_ (2011), directed by Diego RÌsquez, I was the Line Producer.

In my personal filmography, I explore the d

Professional Credits
Writer, Producer, Director, Script doctor
Industry Awards
Best Documentary for "Cabrujas en el PaÌs del Disimulo" Critics Awards - Venezuela 2017

Best Documentary "VERDE SALVAJE" 2014. Festival ELCO

Special mention for the documentary "EL LOCO" (2007) Festival of Cine de MÈrida

Best Script for the short film "MAS VALE TARDE" (1998) Festival of Caracas