Megan Paznik
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Megan Paznik

Chelsea Videos Inc.

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Summary of Qualifications:

Experienced in digital video production, editing (videoing, lighting, sound), packages, voiceovers, storyboarding, reporting, screenwriting, encoding, media relations. Fifteen years writer, senior editor for newspapers, magazines, newsletters. Excellent at interviewing, meeting deadlines. Effective, resourceful.


Digital Video Production, Online Editorial (2003-2008)

Create three feature-length movies on Middle Eastern Dance, all videoing, editing, titles, DVD production Elena Lentini solo performance (January, 2007), Elena Lentini presents Argumentum Ornithologicum theatrical piece performed five nights Hudson Guild Theatre (November 2007) Diana Tarkhan workshop (November 2007)

Create video clips for New York Daily News--interview, film, edit:

Who Do You Blame for the Transit Strike 2 min. 40 sec. (June 2004)

Write business TV series, including packages, news and business clips, direct anchor