Susan Pinchiaroli

Susan Pinchiaroli

Assistant Video Editor

Susan Pinchiaroli is an editor, sound designer, and documentary filmmaker. She hopes to create films that tell fantastic stories while also providing a safe, collaborative, and exciting environment for all.

Full Bio
My current role is as an Assistant Video Editor at Triptent, an Advertising Agency located in New York, NY. On the day to day, I focus on setting up broadcast and digital commercials as well as conceptualizing and creating music and sound edits for these commercials.

In my free time, I am in the post-production process of a short documentary I directed entitled Stutz. The story centers around a gay bar in the suburbs and the community it built despite the city forcefully closing it.

I hope to continue to tell as many stories as I can throughout my lifetime. By building a solid network and work experience, I hope to one day divide my time fully to documentary work.

Professional Credits
Sound Designer, Yarn Bomb, Short Documentary May 2022
Director, Dyke March, Short Documentary Jan. 2022
Producer & Editor, Uncovering Bridges, Podcast