Sarah Bassine

Sarah Bassine

Creative Director
SB Studio

Full Bio
Writer/Director/Producer/Story Analyst


Live Girls, Feature Screenplay, Based on the novel by

Beth Nugent, Staged Reading, Naked Angels, Tuesdays at 9, The Cherry Pit Theater, New York, 2010

Finalist, Sundance Screenwriters Lab, 2003

Womanity, Powered by Thierry Mugler, Contributing

Writer, 2010

Untitled:Cinema of Transgression Project, Feature

Screenplay, Finalist, San Francisco Film Society Hearst Screenwriting Grant, 2009, Finalist, Sundance

Screenwriters Lab, 2009

F&B Magazine, Leonardo Publishing, New York,

Contributing Writer, 2009

Spoken In Darkness, Feature Screenplay, Based on the

memoir by Ann E. Imbrie, Commissioned by SenArt

Films, 2002, producers of Errol Morris's Academy Award-winning documentary The Fog of War, 2003, Thomas McCarthy's Independent

Spirit Award-winning The Station Agent, 2003


On Edge, 2010, Co-Director, Producer, Music Video,

Super8 film, Singer/Songwriter Ethan Gold

Eight 2001, Writer, Director, Co-Producer, 16mm film,

19 min

Industry Awards
Grand Marnier Foundation Film Fellowship, New York Film Festival, 2001
Content Types
Commercial Production
Creative Director, Director, Writer
Business Types
Advertising, Marketing Agency
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