Arusha Baker

Arusha Baker

Director/Assistant Director
416 Stories, Freelance

Arusha Baker is a DGA 2nd Assistant Director and a documentary video creator. Her video work focuses on music and fan subculture.

Full Bio
Arusha Baker has been professionally employed in film and television since 2008. Starting her career in San Francisco, Arusha moved to New York in 2010 to further her career and join the Diretcors Guild of America. Arusha has been shooting her own music documentary material since 2000. Arusha's main creative focus has been on documenting the experience of being a music fan, and has interviewed over 100 fans worldwide.


Below is a copy of my resume. Please let me know if I should send in a standard copy.:


Director of Media Communications (Remote work. Digital Design, Image Archivist, Web Design, Trail Sign Design, Video Consultant)

Film and Television Production:

HOME MOVIE (Documentary, Director: Chris Verene) 2019


OUT OF SERVICE (Feature, Director: Ghost Cow Films) 2019

Field Coordinator

BIG DATA 3.0 (Short Film, Director: Ghost Cow Films) 201

Professional Credits
Please see IMDB for an extensive list of professional credits. Here are a few:

TIME: The Kalief Browder Story - Field Coordinator

Most Likely to Murder - Second Second Assistant Director

Rockaway - Second Second Assistant Director

Drunk Bus - Field Producer

The Wolf of Wall Street - Staff Production Assistant

Boardwalk Empire - Production Assistant