Melisa Ramos
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Melisa Ramos

Producer & Professor
Melisa Ramos is a multimedia producer and college professor. She is currently shooting a documentary in Puerto Rico.

Full Bio
Serife Potuk is a cinematographer and a producer originally from Turkey. She has been writing and producing her own films since 2015 and is a graduate of the New York Digital Film Academy. Serife has experience working on new media productions, commercial shoots, music videos, short films, and feature-length films. Her short film Butterfly, which she wrote and shot in 2016, was selected for the Manhattan Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Life-Long Island International Film Expo, and the Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Short. Serife worked as assistant director on The Long Haul and cinematographer on Enduring: A Mother's Story. She most recently worked as the cinematographer of Porcelain Doll which won awards from several film festivals. Her last projects are Step 9, The Poet, and Pony are in post-production. Serife is also a founding member of Tunic Productions