Jill Wisoff

Jill Wisoff

Fantasy Creature Films LLC

Full Bio
Jill Wisoff, best known as composer/lyricist for Sundance winner WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, directed, co-wrote and produced her first narrative SAG feature film CREATING KARMA that spent two years touring the film festival circuit garnering two best feature comedy awards before opening theatrically in Los Angeles. As an actress of stage and screen, she co-starred in Todd Solondz's FEAR, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION. A Bennington College acting/directing grad, she recently completed an MFA in writing/fiction at the New School and is currently pitching her first three novels and short stories. In addition to acting, dramaturging, and directing off, off-off Broadway, and in musical summer stock, she toured as the late Johnny Thunders bassist, has been a guitarist, bassist and singer in bands for many years, and continues to consider acting and performance opportunities. Beyond her musical scoring work, she has written and script doctored feature film scripts for various production companies.

Professional Credits
Documentary: Filmmaker/Editor/DP: THE DAY AFTER (Atlantic Overseas Pictures Television): 2010

Narrative Feature: Director/Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Star: CREATING KARMA (Fantasy Creature Films LLC): 2009

Narrative Feature: Script Doctor (unacknowledged but thanked in credits): UNTIL THE NIGHT (Phaedra): 2004

TV Pilot: Producer: FOOD BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (Atlantic Overseas Pictures): 2001

Narrative Feature: Composer: WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE (Sony Classics): 2005

Narrative Feature: Co-Star: FEAR, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION: (Samuel Goldwyn): 1989
Industry Awards
Best Feature: 2008 Broad Humor Film Festival

Best Narrative Comedy Feature: 2007 Brilliant Light International Film Festival (About Women By Women)