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    Linda Brannon Del rio

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    It is my great desire to become a member and supprt and help fund women in film. I have three daughters as well that are strong amazing women. I feel the time is now to support women both in programs but as they are in the film and production industry. I would work very hard and be a sound presence as I have for women that I have been honored to lead in the NFL and artistic arenas Please call Laura Schweigman I have worked with her on several projects

    Professional Credits
    I have been a working photographer for over 35 years. I have worked on sets for photography shoots and won several fashion awards in Italy and France. I was wardrobe assistant for tow films but also owned my own ballet studio years ago doing all costume design, set design , lighting , program layout and photography . I am also a headshot photographer in NY for Peter Hurley and work independently shooting from NFL sport sideline as one of the few women . I am accredited at the Holy See press office in Rome and have been an advocate for women in high profile positions. I have spoken at many summits and conferences as a head coaches wife as well as an advocate for the progression and importance of furthering women in their creative fields. I was creative light designer foe my first music video in New Orleans co directed with Laura Schweigman a member of NYW IFT.
    Industry Awards
    My industry awards are all photography related. It is my greatest desire to continue and pursue cinematic endeavors.