Long Term Care & Disability Insurance

MassMutual is delighted to provide NYWIFT members Long-Term Care and Disability Income Insurances. Long-term care insurance is now available to NYWIFT members (including spouses, partners, grandparents, in-laws and children). Long-term care insurance may help you protect your
assets, preserve your independence and secure your lifestyle.

Long-term care insurance helps not only those who need care but also helps caregivers provide better care for a longer period of time. And the best time to buy long-term care insurance is right now, when you are active and working.

Individual disability insurance is now available to NYWIFT members, if you qualify, at a 10 % savings. Disability income insurance may help you cover an income shortfall if you become sick or injured. Supplemental disability income insurance provides a sense of security. You will know that if you become disabled and unable to work, your family is better prepared to meet its financial obligations and live the life you’re accustomed to. Disability income insurance also provides return-to-work benefits, and it can help protect your ability to make retirement fund contributions while disabled. It’s another piece of a comprehensive financial strategy.

You can plan to provide a supplemental monthly income to help pay your regular living expenses-monthly income while you’re sick or hurt and cannot work.

For more information, visit or call Joan-Ann Natola at (212) 878-1761.