Kiss Grandmama Goodbye (1989)

The story takes place in a midwestern African American community during the early 1960’s before the integration of neighborhoods. A young girl, Gail, resolves the death of her good friend and mentor, Grandmama. It shows how neighborhoods grew with education and economic mobility. The grandmother resides in the older neighborhood.  Like so many of the residents, her daughter received a college education, married, gained a profession and moved to the adjacent neighborhood.

Filmmaker Bio:
Debra J. Robinson is an Ohio native, who earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Baldwin-Wallace College and has a graduate degree in Media Studies from the New School. From the start of her career as a filmmaker, Robinson’s focus has been on Black women as the primary subject of her films. I BE DONE BEEN WAS IS, a documentary about African-American comediennes is her feature debut. She has presented her films at Harvard University, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Museum of Modern Art. Robinson continues to enrich film studies programs in the DeKalb and formerly Fulton County school districts in Georgia, through hands-on training and lectures on film theory. Robinson also served as the Southeast Coordinator for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.