Kill Switch


A well-liked, but politically ambivalent Manhattan doctor is sucked into the politics of money when his mother’s inexplicable death leads him to discover he’s the heart of a government conspiracy to control health care costs – and they’re playing for keeps.


Jaclyn S. Powell (Writer, Executive Producer, Project Manager)
Powell was raised in a theater family and had her first stage role at the age of six. Between college and a “real job,” Jaclyn became a certified professional ski instructor, followed by a 22 year career as an insurance defense trial coordinator. As a writer, Jaclyn excelled at crafting factual and legal arguments that won in court, setting a new standard in her federal district. Using the same drive that propelled her to the top spots in her first two careers, Jaclyn took early retirement from law and immersed herself in screenwriting and filmmaking, making over 10 short films in two years, winning awards with her first short script, and on the way to winning awards with her first feature film script, Kill Switch.

Koura Linda (Director, Producer)

Space Dream Productions
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