KarmaWheel: A New Way for NYWIFT Members to Connect

Dear NYWIFT members,

NYWIFT is trying out an internal networking tool called KarmaWheel. KarmaWheel is like an old-school list-serv remade for the 21st century.

The tool has two key features:

1) Instead of a normal chat-group KarmaWheel takes the form of a personalized help board. Anyone within NYWIFT is free (and highly encouraged) to post a request for anything related to their work that they could use help with, be it advice, expertise, introductions, equipment, filming locations or more. This is also a great way to build relationships within our community by letting other members know what you’re working on.

2) To keep everyone in the loop without spamming you with too many notifications, a weekly email digest will go out showing new posts. You can access your KarmaWheel account directly from your email digest or go to karmawheel.io to get a new link.

More detailed information will be provided in the invitation email later today. Please note that the email will be coming directly from KarmaWheel. Please wait until you receive the welcome email before you try to log into KarmaWheel.

All of you will receive the invitation, but there is no obligation to set up your KarmaWheel account. If you feel this service is not for you, just ignore it. As a reminder, all NYWIFT members have access to contact each other directly using the NYWIFT membership directory, and you’re always welcome and encouraged to post job opportunities on our job board.

Members with any email address can use the service. However, at this time, only Gmail and Yahoo users can log in directly through the website. Other email accounts (AOL, company accounts, etc.) need to access their account from their email digest or by going to the homepage and getting a new link via email.

If you have any technical questions feel free to reach out to the developers directly at help@karmawheel.io. They are quick to reply and eager to help you.

More posts gives your peers more opportunities to build a relationship with you. We hope you’ll use KarmaWheel to make the most of your NYWIFT connections!

Katie Chambers
Community Engagement Director