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Big Beach

 QUALIFICATIONS: All majors are welcome, but a strong interest in learning about the many facets of feature film and television development and production is required. The ability to read a script and write coverage detailing whether or not it may be right for the company is also necessary. We are looking for motivated, organized interns with positive attitudes and excellent communication skills who are able to work well in a busy office environment. Interns will not only gain an understanding of the inner workings of a production company, but also have the opportunity to see the film industry from an insider’s seat. Must have strong working knowledge of all MS and Google Office programs (Word, Excel, etc) and be proficient on Mac. You must be located in NYC for the duration of your internship to be considered. Please have a reliable source of transportation to and from your internship! TIME COMMITMENT: 2-3 days a week / 10am-6pm START: Late August/Early September END: Late December TO APPLY: Please submit a resume and cover letter to 

Posted at: July 30, 2019 @ 04:12pm