Florida Vacation (1956)

Miami journalist Suzanne Lasky-Gerard’s childhood home movies were captured by various family members. This reel preserved by the Women’s Film Preservation Fund chronicles a family trip to Florida.

After working as a schoolteacher in New York, Sue Lasky-Gerard returned to Miami in 1970 and began working for television station WTVJ, as a documentary writer and later added producer to her credits.

Lasky-Gerard wrote the award-winning documentary Bobby, 1958-1970, about kids using drugs. From there, she worked for WTVJ newsman Ralph Renick, as a documentary writer and producer and reported the news from time to time.

She was later invited to be part of a local children’s program on the environment. Lasky-Gerard continued to work on news and children’s programs throughout her career, as well as wrote and produced other documentaries.

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