NYWIFT Salon Conversation with Panos Kouanis

NYWIFT members are invited to an exclusive Salon Conversation with Panos Kouanis of GravityBreath Pictures!

From the homeland of drama, comedy, Homer, Greek Gods, and breathtaking sunsets, NYWIFT hosts Panos Kouanis of GravityBreath Pictures for a discussion on producing your film in Greece.

All you need to know to produce your film in Greece, learn about great locations, local crews, tax credits, and more.

Date: Thursday, October 26th, 2023
Time: 6 – 8 PM
Location: Tribeca Screening Room, 375 Greenwich Street, NYC

Open exclusively to NYWIFT members!


About the Speaker

Panos Kouanis

Founding Partner and CEO, GravityBreath Pictures, Greece.

Panos Kouanis is a visionary leader and an industry expert with a proven track record in the entertainment sector. As the President and CEO of EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication), he has spearheaded initiatives that have transformed Greece’s Film and Television industry.

In 2017, Panos Kouanis established EKOME, a public company dedicated to organizing and expanding the domestic audiovisual industry in Greece. Through his strategic vision and leadership, he designed and implemented a groundbreaking national legislation for film incentives, the very well-known 40% Cash Rebate that finances eligible expenses incurred in Greece, and a 30% Tax Relief benefiting legal entities and people who invest in audiovisual works produced in Greece, as well as initiating specialized training programs for local talent (writers, directors, actors) and crew, and the creation of the Network of 15 Film Offices all over the country for facilitating both local and international productions. This innovative approach has positioned Greece as a sought-after film destination and created significant opportunities for local and international productions.

With an academic and professional background in economics, marketing and audiovisual production, and a specialization in film financing, Panos Kouanis has leveraged his professionalism and expertise to drive the growth of the audiovisual industry. Prior to his role at EKOME, he has withheld various positions in both the private and public sectors (senior executive in TV stations, production companies, consulting companies, commercial groups, organizations and ministries), based either in Greece or abroad (Los Angeles, London). His comprehensive understanding of financing mechanisms has proven instrumental in supporting and sustaining audiovisual works, specifically in the process of constantly fine tuning the national film incentives, making Greece, today, one of the most competitive not only in Europe, but globally.

Under Panos’ guidance, EKOME has successfully supported over 450 audiovisual projects (films, TV series, videogames). Major studios have been enticed to film in Greece award winning projects, while direct investment exceeded 850 million euros with more than 150 million returned to productions through the Cash Rebate program. Panos’ dedication and commitment have played a pivotal role in positioning Greece as an attractive film brand on the global stage.

Recognizing the potential for further growth in the Greek film industry, Panos Kouanis completed in August 2023 his mandate at EKOME, after seven very (7) creative and challenging years, and has established a film production company and a funding mechanism that unite stakeholders willing to invest in audiovisual productions which are being materialized in Greece. This initiative will further stimulate the industry’s development, offering greater financial opportunities for both local and international filmmakers.

Panos possesses a profound understanding of the Greek film market, surpassing that of anyone in the industry. His vision is to create a new mechanism, in order to address a specific challenge within the industry, aiming to attract creative talent, ensuring efficient and timely production financing for projects, streamline timely and efficient production accounting processes, and consolidating Greece’s position as a reliable and competitive destination for audiovisual productions. Through this endeavor, Panos seeks to further uphold the power of storytelling that honors Greece’s heritage, culture, and people, forging connections with Greek communities and diaspora, worldwide.

His exceptional leadership and vision have revolutionized the Greek audiovisual industry. His innovative initiatives, including the groundbreaking film incentives and the successful promotion of Greece as a film destination, have generated international recognition and significant investments, while his drive to create a lasting impact make him an indispensable asset to the national brand and a pioneering force in the film business.

October 26 @ 6:00pm
6:00 pm — 8:00 pm (2h)

Tribeca Screening Room
375 Greenwich Street
New York, New York 10013



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