Ecuadorian Film Festival



The Ecuadorian Film Festival in New York, EFFNY, brings some of the best and latest Ecuadorian films to the Ecuadorian community and film aficionados in New York City. It opens a window into this diverse country and inspires meaningful dialogue while celebrating Ecuador and the magic of cinema.

The Festival showcases about 10 Ecuadorian films every year, with screenings in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Some screenings are free to the public and some are ticketed. Revenue from tickets cover only a fraction of the cost of screening fees, venues, guests and more. Sponsors help cover part of this difference but not all. We depend on individual contributions. 

Together we are building an Ecuadorian film industry, so future generations can look back at the Ecuador we’re building today!

Festival Dates: October 29, 2022 – November 6, 2022