Crowdfunding for NYWIFT Member Yvette Joseph’s Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller, Don’t Forget To Breathe

NYWIFT Member Yvette Joseph has launched a Seed & Spark campaign for her sci-fi psychological thriller, Don’t Forget To Breathe. A failed emergency evacuation leaves two dedicated research scientists trapped in their laboratory with a deadly airborne virus that will rapidly deteriorate their brain activity. Remembering one simple thing will determine their survival. Created by a group of multicultural women producers, filmmakers, and actresses, including writer/director Yvette Joseph, the crew seeks to dispel the belief that sci-fi is for men only or a genre devoid of fans of color. 

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Styled after classic sci-fi anthologies like The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Night Gallery, Don’t Forget To Breathe centers on Christine and John, both research scientists at Hillside Pharmaceuticals. A testing facility where curses and cures are created. 

They are preparing to present their project to the board of directors when suddenly the facility goes into a total lockdown after a harmful agent is released into the air ducts by a fellow researcher.

The airborne agent could cause accelerated memory loss and rapid deterioration of fine-motor skills, so the facility is quickly evacuated — except for Christine and John, who delay their escape in an attempt to save their research. 

Once locked in, John and Christine must fight to survive until help arrives.

Yvette Joseph hails from Wilmington, Delaware, the Blue Hen State. The youngest of two daughters of a single mother — with her mother always working and her older sister buried in her books, Yvette found entertainment in TV anthologies of the 80’s and 90’s, such as The Ray Bradbury Theater,  The Outer Limits, and reruns of the classic shows The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents,  and Night Gallery series.

Don’t Forget To Breathe will mark Yvette’s debut as a screenwriter and director.   In her most recent project, the short film Harlem Love, Yvette served as producer, costume designer, and actress, which afforded her tremendous accolades in the Huffington Post, being recognized for her ability to capture the authentic style of the Harlem Renaissance period.

Yvette has studied Acting, Screenwriting and Directing Actors with The Independent Film School, Fiction writing with Gotham Writers and Screenwriting with Women on Writing. 

The crowdfunding campaign ends December 3.

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