Creatively Speaking



Over the course of twenty-five years, Creatively Speaking has become the leading, curated film series offering a diverse forum that highlights independent film by and about women and people of color. Working outside the mainstream, often with limited resources, the filmmakers represented in the Creatively Speaking Film Series provide a model for working within and around a historically underrepresented system that continues to this day. Our mission is to change the cultural narrative, one image at a time, and to expand audiences for independent film and video artists of color through community screenings, followed by lively and thoughtful discussions about the subject matter, as well as the art and craft of film-making. The discussions can also expand to active engagement around the social issues presented in the films. Providing a nurturing environment for progressive, thought-provoking dialogue following each screening is a trademark of the Creatively Speaking experience. It brings together an array of audiences – artists and activists, students, academics and film aficionados, through a platform that allows each audience member to engage with the artists and have their opinions heard.

Our audiences typically represent a cross-section of demographics – multi-generational and multicultural, from a wide range of gender, ethnic, and economically diverse backgrounds, fostering dynamic conversations. Filmmakers whose work has exhibited in Creatively Speaking programs are often instructors and guest lecturers at colleges and universities around the world who bring their first-hand knowledge and expertise directly into the educational arena where media not only entertains but also informs.

Creatively Speaking has never done any fundraising in its 21 years of existence. However, we feel that now more than ever, we need to ensure that these images and continue to be seen and heard. With your Tax deductible contribution through New York Women in Film and Television, your donation can help make sure that this is possible.