Corporate Subscription Management Services LLC (cSubs)

Now, members of New York Women in Film & Television can take advantage of the subscriptions program now offered to reduce costs and manage your business and personal subscription more efficiently, online – through Corporate Subscription Management Services, LLC (cSubs), a WBENC-certified woman-owned company.

The benefits of this program include:

Reduced Trade, Professional and Group Discount rates whenever available. Single contact for orders, renewals, replacement of missing or damaged issues, cancellations, etc. Elimination of confusing, premature renewal notices from publishers. Reduced paperwork, you’ll have one, organized renewal list each year, one convenient payment. A list of all your active subscriptions on line, 24/7, easily downloadable to a spreadsheet. Convenient gift list for friends and family.

Here’s how the program will work:
cSubs has created a new, customized Books & Subscriptions Management Web site for the members of NYWIFT. Effective immediately, we can begin using this customized site to place orders and renewals and look up subscription information online.

Just go to register as a new user and provide all appropriate information. You’ll also choose a login id and password for future log-ins.

Ordering Procedures:
– New Subscriptions: You can begin ordering online. Any questions, contact CSMS Customer Support Rep, Bethany Stevens (see below).
– Renewals: Do not respond directly to any publisher renewal notices.

During your first year with cSubs:
If you receive a publisher renewal notice and wish to renew, you may do so online by entering the subscription as a “new order” because it’s new to the system. Or forward the renewal notice to cSubs for verification that it is, in fact, time to renew.

During subsequent years:
You may ignore publisher renewal notices. cSubs will issue renewal notices by email at the appropriate time, to avoid early renewal as well as subscription lapses – approximately three months prior to your true expiration dates. These notices will contain convenient links to your renewals page.

No subscriptions will be renewed without your instructions.

This account is a purely private account and no orders are ever recorded or reported to NYWFT or any other company. Your personal information will be kept private and never used for marketing purposes or shared with any third parties.

In most cases, there is no charge for cSubs services other than a nominal $2.00 service charge, because cSubs earns publisher commissions on most subscriptions. However, when this does not occur, CSMS will add a nominal surcharge of 6% (min $6.50) to the lowest authorized subscription rate.

Contact Info:
CSMS’ phone is (201) 307-9900, fax is (888) 307-6601. The Account Manager is Bethany Stevens at extension 106,, and the Customer Support Rep is Allyson Castelluccio at extension105,