A film by Chloë Levine


Teenage Rylie buckles under the weight of her PTSD, and forces herself on a journey to find where the painful parts of her were born and now live.


Director’s Statement:
This is a coming-of-age tale about recognizing an ancestral pollution that leaves fingerprints on your skin. I want to make something that appreciates the complications of realizing self destructive behavior and illustrates the nuanced condition of being a victim of abuse and then becoming an abuser. This cycle is a huge part of our cultural identity, not to mention personal lives (in one way or another). Yet, this cycle is hardly talked about in an honest way. Rylie is experiencing a need to identify as a victim and yet also as an offender, and thus in a perverse and tragically human way: be whole. That feeling is the life blood of the film.

My vision is to create an honest story about the cycle of abuse and how it interweaves within the main characters. I want this story to be an unflinching portrait of generational trauma. I want to portray an honest character who is drowning in a sea of her own past. This cycle of abuse touches so many people, and I want to talk about it. – Chloë Levine