Weekly Roundup: Muse Interviews & Year-End Reviews

VIVE Katerin has exciting interviews from the 2014 MUSE awards! (Video) Sarah Silverman and HBO partner to bring humor to the “modern midlife crisis.” From A to Z, Women and Hollywood lists women in film 2014, Parts I and II. There’s still time to submit that “family-friendly” script you wrote this year. We’re waiting with bated breath, Nikki Finke! 2014 is almost...


Weekly Roundup: Dinners, Movies, Podcasts & ‘Wonder Woman’!

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/455781430?et=uSJjXvrKQ9JuzXhIyl-DSA&flyout=off&sig=VXRfNEizB7-TEJyIus89qal9YlvXTc9lQ0cKb-EtsDw= SNL member Cecily Strong chosen to host the White House Correspondents Dinner. Beyond The Lights star Gugu Mbatha-Raw discusses the film’s important empowerment messages. Women and Hollywood launches a podcast. Spread the word! Michelle MacLaren will probably direct Wonder Woman. Lexi Alexander said “no way” to the opportunity. Women are funny but being a woman in comedy is...


Weekly Roundup: Gia Coppola, ‘Murphy Brown’ & a Media Internship

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/488381047?et=2PeW3vM-R_1_VghSMDFcGA&sig=LZnMoBh1APTsZVOLw-lVbi9Nby6ktmJJfa3RgFZrY0c= Palo Alto director Gia Coppola is creating her own filmmaking buzz. A few theories behind NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s firing. Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein has had success in three male-dominated areas of the entertainment industry…THREE! Kathryn Bigelow tackles another weighty post-9/11 theme. Women and Hollywood is looking for a summer intern. Deadline is May 23. Diane English tells...