Weekly Film & TV News Roundup

Oscars 2014: Jennifer Lawrence (left) is nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Amy Adams for Best Actress, both for their roles in American Hustle. Photo credit: Annapurna Productions LLC. Irked by the lack of women oscar noms? This DGA news might soothe you. At age 82, Patricia Norris, 12 Years A Slave‘s costume designer, is nominated — again! Fewer women...


Terry’s Picks: October 1

Still Image from The Dog Congratulations To: NYWIFT Member Joanna Plafsky, Executive Producer of My Reincarnation, up for a News and Documentary Emmy this week. Crossing fingers for her tonight. Hope To See You At: the NYFF51 LIVE: Spotlight on Documentary Filmmakers panel at the New York Film Festival on October 7 at 7:45 – 8:45...