Terry’s Picks: Visions Screening, YouTube Pros, Susan Seidelman

Visions Screening: NYWIFT is looking forward to our Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF) screening of several TV dramas from the PBS series Visions on Saturday, September 24 at the Museum of the Moving Image. Check out this great piece from WFPF co-chair Ann Deborah Levy on why we selected these timely classics for preservation, and...


Flix Not to Miss: ‘Making Mr. Right’ (1987) by Susan Seidelman

I always enjoy a good romantic comedy, and Susan Seidelman provides a quirky, offbeat example of the genre with a touch of sci-fi in Making Mr. Right. Comedian Ann Magnuson is terrific as a high-powered image consultant who’s tasked with creating a more human android, played by a young John Malkovich. Unfortunately, she succeeds a little too...