Weekly Roundup: Muse Interviews & Year-End Reviews

VIVE Katerin has exciting interviews from the 2014 MUSE awards! (Video) Sarah Silverman and HBO partner to bring humor to the “modern midlife crisis.” From A to Z, Women and Hollywood lists women in film 2014, Parts I and II. There’s still time to submit that “family-friendly” script you wrote this year. We’re waiting with bated breath, Nikki Finke! 2014 is almost...


Weekly Roundup: Rosie’s New ‘View’ & Film Schools’ Gender Bias

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/466306157?et=HSXJJGsBQ-d3O0UBr4NyyA&sig=dFh7E5EG_PMRab3OPJMFfHdxc8YsTLaRguHQCE9hZBU=   Can Rosie O’Donnell  save The View? Gina Sanders becomes Conde Nast’s first President of Global Development. Connie Chung advises women to “sing your praises the way men do!” (Video) Which screenwriting contests are really worth entering? This Is Our Youth star Tavi Gevinson on the perks and pitfalls of adulthood. Gender bias—it starts in film school. — KELLY...