Weekly Roundup: Peabodys Announced & ‘Frozen’ Breaks Record

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/479466007?et=nJS_4haSv02ARV_S30ZdPA&sig=VQUPmdJVaUZ420YSmZwtBWGQR-SXQcA20qQadX8IR4U= The Peabody Awards gave 43% of prizes to projects that featured a clear female protagonist or were made by a woman creator. Jennifer Lee’s ‘Frozen’ becomes the top-grossing animated film of all time. AFI’s superb Directing Workshop for Women turns 40. They grow up so fast! Variety’s Power of Women luncheon debuts in NYC — meet the honorees. Amy Schumer tackles the...


Terry’s Picks: September 10

Power of Women Nominees, photo via Variety Hats Off To: the Power of Women Award Honorees. The Power of Women event, sponsored by Lifetime, recognizes women in Hollywood who have made significant contribution to help those in need. Read about it on Variety.  Check Out: Indiewire’s list of 20 great debut films by women. It’s a...