Terry’s Picks: Director Diversity, Equal Pay, Golden Globes

What’s wrong with this picture? The Hollywood Reporter’s director roundtable on Sundance TV only featured middle-aged men. Was that the best they could do? Equal pay: California’s new equal pay law, SB358, has been dubbed “the toughest law in the nation.” It supports women who demand to be paid the same as male colleagues in...


Terry’s Picks: Patricia Arquette, Anne Hubbell & Immigrant Women Film Series

Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor is screening Friday night. Read the write up of the film series in the Queens Courier.  Join Me: Friday night in Queens for the first installment of our film series, Immigrant Women: Sharing Our Voices Through Film. We will be showing three short films on activism followed by a...


Weekly Roundup: Remembering Elaine Stritch

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/102985787?et=6cnWZ-PnQu5OIM7TOxqwWA&sig=taLVNk7TC4HoT0B3eYBlMy7Ak7uhI0Z82sW0okc3hS0= The spectacular Broadway singer and actress Elaine Stritch. Patricia Arquette really enjoyed her 12 years of Boyhood. Marvel Comics addresses superhero gender disparity. Thor will be female! Leighton Meester is not a “tart” in Broadway’s Of Mice & Men. ABC will address diversity with Cristela, and NBC will showcase more women in next season’s lineup. Robin Wright portrays her most revealing role yet...