Cynthia’s Picks: Sundance Fest, It’s Time, Fair Credits

Sundance Fest: Congratulations to all the NYWIFT members with films screening at Sundance! The festival opens on Thursday and runs through February 3rd.  It’s time: Variety noted the uptick in feminist stories featured in Oscar contenders this year. Of course, this female focus didn’t extend to the directing nominations – women were shut out of...


Weekly Roundup: The Awards, the Scripts, the Possibilities…

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/461567942?et=HYbpAcvhQQ97gzNg0s1DHw&sig=eHwZlkhMcXKcGx5bKxYYA-gujHYdYPUDhvh1APThdp8=&caption=true A full range of Oscar nominees, shockers and snubs. In other awards news…women ruled The Golden Globes! Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is America’s new sweetheart. Still haven’t seen the movie? Read the award-nominated scripts instead. From Arrested Development to Archer, actress Jessica Walter keeps us laughing. Perhaps your film doesn’t need a screenplay? – KELLY GLOVER