NYWIFT Recap: TV Pitch Fest

Thirty-six participants. Nine networks. Three hours. On December 4, NYWIFT brought together talented writers, producers, and directors with network and development executives for its first TV pitch fest. These hopefuls presented their dream projects: scripted series, children shows, game shows, documentary films, and yes, the ever-evolving reality TV. They gained rare access to industry insiders to pitch their...


NYWIFT Recap: The Content Creator’s Journey

Video courtesy of thehipsway. NYWIFT presented the panel DIY: The Content Creator’s Journey at the Tribeca Film Center on October 17. Moderated by Thelma Adams from Yahoo! Movies, the panel featured Shari Berman (award-winning filmmaker, My Life as Abraham Lincoln), Alysia Reiner (actor, Orange is the New Black, director, Speed Grieving), Al Thompson (writer/director of web series Lenox Avenue), Adam Leon (director, Gimme The...


NYWIFT Panel Recap: Fox Audience Strategy & Casting in the New America

The panelists from Fox — Dante Di Loreto, Zola B. Mashariki, Shana C. Waterman, and Seth Yanklewitz — had much to contribute on the subject of diversity in casting, offering forward-thinking, creative solutions. The conversation, moderated by Keli Goff, was centered on, but not limited to race; topics of gender, age, and disabilities were also discussed. The panelists addressed the...