Terry’s Picks: Life Lessons, Dream Team, Zero Weeks

Life Lessons: Be sure to read Manohla Dargis’ brilliant piece in The New York Times about what movies teach us about being a woman. She says: “Movies get into our bodies, making us howl and weep, while their narrative and visual patterns, their ideas and ideologies leave their imprint.” Representation matters. Dream Team: Thanks to...


Weekly Roundup: Remembering Elaine Stritch

//embed.gettyimages.com/embed/102985787?et=6cnWZ-PnQu5OIM7TOxqwWA&sig=taLVNk7TC4HoT0B3eYBlMy7Ak7uhI0Z82sW0okc3hS0= The spectacular Broadway singer and actress Elaine Stritch. Patricia Arquette really enjoyed her 12 years of Boyhood. Marvel Comics addresses superhero gender disparity. Thor will be female! Leighton Meester is not a “tart” in Broadway’s Of Mice & Men. ABC will address diversity with Cristela, and NBC will showcase more women in next season’s lineup. Robin Wright portrays her most revealing role yet...