Meet the New NYWIFT Member: Natalie Bailey

Let’s give a big welcome to Natalie Bailey as she joins the NYWIFT community! Natalie is a communication specialist whose career path includes working as the Director of Communications at the Dysautonomia Foundation, as an Advocacy Strategist at UNICEF, and more recently, as a Communication and Advocacy Coordinator at the World Health Organization (WHO). Having received a bachelor’s degree in Writing and Mass Communication from Saint Mary’s College and a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University, Natalie has also contributed her freelance writing and editing skills to various publications such as the Forbes Travel Guide, GOOD Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and Boston Globe Sunday. Find out more about Natalie as we discuss the value of Corporate Social Responsibility, some film and television shows that raise awareness on relevant social issues, and that one time when she came to the rescue at work through faking a British accent!