Cynthia’s Picks: Latinx Representation, Kasi Lemmons, The Kingmaker

Latinx Representation: Good news – the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media has partnered with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group to pilot its “Spellcheck for Bias” digital tool, this time in order to help increase Latinx representation onscreen.  Kasi Lemmons: 2019 NYWIFT Nancy Malone Directing Award honoree Kasi Lemmons writes in Variety about why she...


Terry’s Picks: Primetime Emmy Nominations, ‘Danger Mouse’ & #LikeAGirl

Seeing: that not much has changed: Women make up only 26% of the Primetime Emmy nominees, the same number as last year. Glad to hear: that the new version of BBC’s Danger Mouse will be have more female characters. Really like: Lauren Greenfield’s video, Always #LikeAGirl, for Always brand. It challenges the sexist expression which...