Terry’s Picks: A Discrimination Primer, New Faces, Freeheld

Discrimination 101: Check out this informative primer on the ACLU investigation into Hollywood’s gender discrimination to learn about the cycle – and how to break it. Kudos: Filmmaker Magazine named its 25 New Faces of Independent Film – and 11 of them are women. #LoveIsLove: Looking forward to the timely film Freeheld, starring Julianne Moore...


Film News Roundup

How do you feel about the low percentage of women film critics? Image courtesy of them0vieblog.com This Julianne Moore interview is definitely not “boring.” Six resources indie filmmakers should embrace. Tika Sumpter has exciting new gossip surrounding her. Get to know actress and NYWIFT member Anna Van Valin. Comedy Central came to their senses. Congratulations, Amy Schumer!...