Top Takeaways: Preserving Your Mental Health During Challenging Times

As a director and producer, NYWIFT board member Kathryn O'Kane is a planner and she's used to solving problems. The biggest challenge she's finding during the COVID-19 crisis is that there’s not enough information to be able to plan. She attended the NYWIFT “Mental Health and Career Sustainability in the Doc World” panel because to learn how producers can come to terms with that and how to relax into the uncertainty of the moment when it goes against our nature. She offers her top takeaways.


Terry’s Picks: Indie Women, Revolution, Jill Soloway

Good news: Four of the top five highest grossing indie films of 2015 feature women leads. Even better? Three of them are over the age of 50. Revolution: 2013 NYWIFT Muse Honoree Robin Wright says “we need a female Che Guevara” to fight Hollywood sexism. “We need a revolution.” Important Read: The Moveable Fest printed...