Notes from a Screenreader: Right Hook

Photo via Go Into the Story. A spec script with a real hook jumps right out of the pile. It’s the difference between an indestructible cyborg from the future relentlessly attempting to murder Sarah Connor and Sarah Connor, for instance, getting a message from the future that she should start taking self-defense classes while she...


Notes from a Screenreader: Loglines Done Wrong

Photo via Go Into the Story. Loglines are tough. They can lie about your story if you let them. This is how you do Indiana Jones wrong: In World War II, an archaeology professor gets a call about a powerful artifact that changes his life forever. This is Silver Linings Playbook done wrong: A violent...


Notes from a Screenreader: Unpackable Hooks

Photo via Go Into the Story. Writer and director Timothy Cooper, an enthusiastically pragmatic teacher of professional screenwriting and past WIFTI Summit panelist, talks about the value of unpackable story concepts, which he defines as “rife with potential to anyone who hears it.” Perfect example: Inception. A team illegally breaks into a sleeper’s dreams to...